Visiting Professorships at the SofC

 Appointment of Visiting Professors


Visiting Professor appointments will be approved by the Dean following consultation with an appointments committee and normally will be appointed for no more than one year.  


 Visiting Professors


Faculty from other universities and research institutes who hold continuing appointments in their home institutions may be appointed to the School of Cities as a Visiting Professor.


Visiting Professors are eligible for:

  • Hoteling workspace at the School of Cities; 

  • Access to the UofT Library; 

  • Staff support for events organized to further the research, outreach, and education mission of the School; 

  • Communications support to showcase and extend the reach of publications, events and projects. 

We ask that Visiting Professors

  • Contribute to research projects; 

  • Offer publications and expert commentary; 

  • Respond to media requests as a member of the School;  

  • Participate on panels as part of SofC events and expert briefings, whether in Toronto or internationally.