Call for Project Proposals

Overview for Prospective Clients

U of T’s deep urban expertise, across all fields, is tackling the future of cities. The School of Cities is where educators, institutions, practitioners and the public will engage in research, education and outreach to drive forward new city solutions – and a shared prosperity for all citizens.

The Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Design (MUCP) course is a unique, full academic-year capstone design course offered by the University of Toronto. All projects are sourced from cities, community groups and non-governmental organizations for whom the project addresses a real urban need, and requires a multidisciplinary approach to solve.

Each project is assigned to a team of fourth-year undergraduate students drawn from different disciplines across the university. Student teams work through a creative, iterative, and open-ended design process to design solutions to meet Client needs. Successfully completing the project requires that students integrate skills and knowledge from across multiple disciplines. 

Why Should You and Your Organization Participate?

There are many reasons why your organization should participate in the MUCP:

  • Introduce innovative concepts and improvement into your organization; 
  • Obtain solutions to key design issues;
  • Address problems requiring infusion of talented resources from multiple disciplines;
  • Leverage technical and theoretical multidiscipline knowledge;
  • Identify potential employees for your organization;
  • Gain access to expertise of UofT faculty and students members and; 
  • Build long-term relationships with departments at U of T.

Required Resources for Projects

Student Resources
Each project will consist of 4-5 students, each working approximately 10 hours per week for about 26 weeks. 

Client Resources
The Client is expected to spend about 1-2 hours per week to support the project from September to March. This support includes timely access to any data essential for completing the project. The specific details and scope of the project are discussed in an initial meeting in September with the student team, faculty supervisor, and appropriate subject matter experts. 

How to Participate

  • Submit the Statement of Need (SON) Web Form. 
  • The SON defines the general nature of the problem to be solved;
  • Briefly explain the main idea or problem in one or two paragraphs;
  • An organization may submit multiple SONs;
  • Organizations can request for a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed by the students and supervisor; and 
  • Completed SONs should be submitted before June 30, 2019.

Accepting SON

Acceptance notifications will be issued within 5 business days after your submission. 

Selection Criteria For Projects

High value of the Project to the Partner Organization
The project should have the potential for real, positive impact on the organization or its clients. Multidisciplinary projects will address an urban related issue or challenge that the organization needs resolved, but may not have the resources or knowledge to complete on their own. 

Appropriate Level of Risk to the Partner Organization
The project should not unduly expose the organization or its clients to downside risk should there be any delays or failure to deliver on the part of the students

High Relevance of Project to Students
In order to provide each student with the opportunity to apply their disciplinary skills and knowledge, MUCP seeks projects that span at least three disciplines.

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