Sustainable Cities


In partnership with the School of Cities Student Academy, the Sustainable Cities working group aims to educate, inspire and promote action to help lead us closer towards a more resilient, greener City of Toronto. 

Sustainable Cities working group logoSustainable Cities is divided into four main groups. The first group is working to repurpose old green roof modules to grow crops as an example of urban agriculture. The second group is working to upcycle second hand clothing and reduce the waste created by fast fashion in cities. The third group wants to highlight the importance of sustainable buildings to reaching climate targets. Finally, a last group is looking at the changes in air pollutant levels in various locations of the City of Toronto. 

The Sustainable Cities working group is excited to reveal their first mini-exhibit at the symposium on June 21

  • Urban Agriculture
  • "Fast Fashion"
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Air Pollutants in the City of Toronto
sustainable cities working group
Green rooftop project
Green rooftop project


Working Group Members

  • Allison Bennett (Graduate Representative) – Master's of Engineering in Cities and Engineering Management
  • Laura Minet (Graduate Representative) – PhD in Civil Engineering
  • Hai Lin Wang – Bachelor in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Conservation Biology
  • Menilek Beyene – Master's in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Julie Wang – Master's in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Christopher Gurz – Bachelor in Civil Engineering
  • Alexandra Ntoukas – Master's in Landscape Architecture 
  • Maria Rita Gonzaga – Master's in Languages and Literacies

PDF iconWorking Group Member Biographies (PDF)