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Focusing on the main subway stations around the University of Toronto St. George campus, our goal is to understand what types of urban activities develop in and around these stations. We aim to achieve this by examining circulatory patterns, types of social interaction, levels of inclusivity and accessibility, and design. By looking at contemporary and historical precedents, we hope to construct an intellectual framework in which to understand the connections between transportation, infrastructure, and public space.

Project: Interactive Nodes: Public Life Around Subway Stations

Working Gruop Members

  • Pritha Karmaker (Undergraduate Representative) – Bachelor in Geography and Urban Planning
  • Jacob Malleau (Graduate Representative) – Master's of Engineering in Cities Engineering and Management
  • Sabrina Samin – Master’s of Engineering in Cities Engineering and Management
  • Malgorzata Sarzynski – Bachelor in Urban Planning
  • Malek Abdel-Shehid – Bachelor in Human Geography and Diaspora and Transnational Studies 
  • Shawana Munir – Bachelor in Civil Engineering 
  • Tia Sager – PhD in Art History and Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology
  • Zahra Ansarilari – PhD in Transportation Engineering
  • Juan (Felipe) Coral (Undergraduate Representative) – Bachelor in Architectural Studies