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Project Title: Assessing the Gap: Analyzing Campus Transportation Infrastructure 


Presentation Description

The project's objective is to deliver an audit framework for assessing existing transportation infrastructure on post secondary campuses, measured against standardized key performance indicators. The framework prescribes an analysis to be completed on two different fronts - student perspectives and actual existing conditions. Firstly, a student focused perspective; transportation modes within campus are analyzed by students via a survey to produce a transportation report card. A similar report card is then produced based on the actual transportation infrastructure in and around campus.These two reports can then be used to examine the gaps between existing infrastructure and user experiences to help provide better guidance not only for future projects, but also communication of transportation modes across campus. 

By using the University of Toronto, St. George campus as a preliminary trial, an extension of the study includes assessing the St. George Campus' Master Plan and amended Secondary Plan's transportation proposals to determine if the plans' proposals address the shortcomings of the audit's findings. The aim for this auditing methodology is to provide post secondary institutions a method to assess mobility gaps within post-secondary campuses through a student-oriented perspective.

The ultimate goal for this project has been to develop a self-evaluation scoring mechanism that will allow the City of Toronto and all institutions within it collect primary data on the opinions and perspectives of the student demographic regarding transportation infrastructure. Given that the student demographic is one with sporadic travel behaviour and patterns, it is often difficult to collect reliable data that will predict demand and future infrastructure needs. Through this project and report card assessment system, we aim to better understand the student travel profile within our region. 

Working Group Members

  • Pritha Karmaker (Undergraduate Representative) – Bachelor in Geography and Urban Planning
  • Jacob Malleau (Graduate Representative) – Master's of Engineering in Cities Engineering and Management
  • Sabrina Samin – Master’s of Engineering in Cities Engineering and Management
  • Malek Abdel-Shehid – Bachelor in Human Geography and Diaspora and Transnational Studies 
  • Shawana Munir – Bachelor in Civil Engineering 
  • Zahra Ansarilari – PhD in Transportation Engineering