Immigration, Culture and Placemaking

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detainED is a podcast series centering on the various factions of Canada’s immigration detention as a way to insert this conversation into political Canadian discourse. Throughout four episodes, we hope to:

  1. Speak with government officials, local politicians, border security and associated professionals etc.  on the bureaucracy behind detention systems in a municipal context and their thoughts on the current situation;
  2. Activists on the frontline who oppose unlawful treatment of detainees and who work tirelessly to free them; and
  3. Families impacted by having loved ones detained, to encapsulate both the financial and social ramifications of detention.


  • Anyika Mark – Bachelor in Political Science and Caribbean Studies
  • Jacob Hopper – Bachelor in Political Science and Canadian Studies 
  • Rebekka Pulins (Undergraduate Representative) – Bachelor in Political Science, French language and Literature, Diaspora and Transnationalism