The Urban Genome Project


An Evolutionary Theory of the City

 As cities become the form of settlement for an increasing majority of human beings, understanding their basic structures and functions becomes increasingly important. Across a number of fields, researchers are converging on the task of building a new Science of Cities that can take account of cities' physical, social and cultural features, as well as their natural environment. This working group is devoted to gathering interdisciplinary-minded scholars interested in collectively exploring what a science of cities for the 21st century could be. While this is an open-ended task, we are especially interested in pursuing ecological and evolutionary concepts.

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The Urban Genome Project is funded by U of T's Connaught Global Challenge Award

Team Lead 

Team Members 

  • Mark Fox, Industrial Engineering and Computer Science    
  • Patrick Adler, Rotman School of Management    
  • Rob Wright, Landscape architecture
  • Scott Sanner, Industrial Engineering
  • Ultan Byrne, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design 
  • Fabio Dias, Industrial engineering postdoctoral student
  • Marion Blute (Emeritus), Sociology    
  • Shoshanna Saxe, Civil Engineering 
  • Noga Keidar, Sociology graduate student 
  • Olimpia Bidian, Sociology PhD student 
  • Fernando Calderon, Sociology, PhD student
  • Alex Olson, PhD student
  • Isabel Zhang            
  • Ronen Yakubov, Industrial Engineering undergraduate    

Past Events

April 2019: Urban Genome Project I