'Planning Cities with Young People and Schools' - A book discussion

When and Where

Thursday, December 02, 2021 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Innis Town Hall
Innis College


Deborah McKoy, UC Berkeley Center for Cities and Schools
Jim Slotta, OISE, University of Toronto
Raluca Geampana, Urban Studies Program, University of Toronto
Wana Saiful, Urban Studies Program, University of Toronto


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Offering the overlooked but essential viewpoint of young people from low-income communities of color and their public schools, Planning Cities With Young People and Schools offers an urgently needed set of best-practice recommendations for urban planners to change the status quo and reimagine the future of our cities for and with young people. Working with more than 10,000 students over two decades from the San Francisco Bay Area, to New York, to Tohoku, Japan, this work produces a wealth of insights on issues ranging from environmental planning, housing, transportation, regional planning, and urban education.

Part I presents a theory of change for planning more equitable, youth-friendly cities by cultivating intergenerational communities of practice where young people work alongside city planners and adult professionals. Part II explores youth engagement in resilience, housing, and transportation planning through an analysis of literature and international examples of engaging children and youth in city planning. Part III speaks directly to practitioners, scholars, and students alike, presenting "Six Essentials for Planning Just and Joyful Cities" as necessary precursors to effective city planning with and for our most marginalized, children, youth, and public schools.

For academics, policy makers, and practitioners, this book raises the importance of education systems and young people as critical to urban planning and the future of our cities.

Join the School of Cities and the Urban Studies Program for a discussion on the key themes dealt in the book, with co-author Deborah McKoy in conversation Jim Slotta, Professor and President's Chair - Knowledge Technologies, OISE, U of T and students of Urban Studies - U of T.

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