William Gough

Professor - Climatology



Department of Geography
School for Environment

Areas of Interest

Cities of Focus: Toronto

  • Urban heat island
  • Regional climate change
  • Air quality

Research Endeavours

  • Air Quality in Southwestern Ontario

  • Applied Climatology

  • Climate Change Impact Assessment

  • Climate Change in the Eastern Arctic

  • Climate Change Policy

  • Day to Day Temperature Variability

  • Hurricanes and Climate Change

  • Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Change

  • Numerical Ocean and Climate Modelling

  • Urban Climate

  • Winter Roads (Ice Roads) and Climate Change


Professor Gough earned his Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at McGill University, Montreal. Upon completion of his doctorate in 1991, he joined the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), after a brief postdoctoral fellowship at the Canadian Climate Centre.  Professor Gough is a leading researcher of climate change in the Eastern Arctic, South-Western Ontario and Toronto; including studying climate change impact assessment, numerical ocean and climate modeling, and air quality.  Recently the Canadian Association of Geographers recognized him for Excellence in Teaching, and for Service to Geography, in addition to receiving numerous research funding awards.

Watch his TEDxUTSC address on 'Climate Change: Small changes, Big implications' below: