Susannah Bunce

Associate Professor - Human Geography


Fields of Study


My research centres on the role of sustainability in the context of spatial planning, development, and redevelopment practices in urban communities and neighbourhoods. My research examines the actors, interests and motives in the adoption of sustainability principles and practices within urban communities and neighbourhoods and explores socio-environmental discourses, sustainability planning, and strategies for socio-environmental justice and change. I am interested in the local politics of land use, socio-environmental contestations over local spaces - particularly those caused by gentrification - and more hopeful community-based methods for affordable, accessible, and sustainable land stewardship. I examine these processes in cities in Canada, Britain, and the United States.

Research Areas

Urban Geography; Urban Planning; Urban Environmental Issues; Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods; Urban Community Land Trusts; Urban Waterfronts and Waterways; Community Engagement 

Cities of Focus

Toronto; London, UK; Paris, France