Petros Babasikas

Assistant Professor, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design


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Public Space;  Global Urbanism;  Housing;  Media & Architecture Areas of Interest: Public Space;  Urban Crisis, Urban Housing, Urban Resilience;  City/Sea, Urban Waterfronts,  Archipelagos;  Walkscapes;  Iconic Residences;  Storytelling, Media & Architecture Cities of Focus: Athens;  Toronto;  New York;  Los Angeles; Barcelona Your public LinkedIn Page or Profile link, if applicable:


etros Babasikas is an architect, writer and educator. His work explores connections among architecture, storytelling, media and public space. He is Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. His ongoing research includes the public space investigation 6 Place Toronto, “Urban/ Commoning,” a DIY urbanism project in Mediterranean Cities, and The Tourists, a series of exhibitions and publications on the intersection of Global Migrations and Tourism, with the Depression Era collective.

Petros is principal of Babasikas Office working in Toronto and Athens, and a licensed architect in Greece and the EU. His design projects include Catch the Light, a public space project for the Athens Olympics; Kapnergati Square Area & Park in Kavala, Greece; ELIKA Gallery in Athens; residences in Greece and California; Drip, a garden/ pavilion for the London Olympics; Rock, a sonic garden for the Santozeum Museum; and the Webby Award-winning webpage/ interactive garden He was Lecturer in Architectural Design at the University of Patras and a Founding Partner of Drifting City and Mind the Map Studios between 2006–17. Petros’ works have been exhibited, awarded and published internationally. He has edited exhibition catalogues and published essays on public space, urban renewal, housing, crisis landscapes, lens-based art, and walking as a cultural and political practice including:  “Depression Era”; “Extreme Comfort Residences: the Storytelling of Villa Marittima”; “Site as Garden Interface”; “Crisis Landscapes”; “Agora, Garden, Monument”; “Athena, Bender of Vision, in Transit”; “A Fork, a Path, a Film.”

Petros is co-curator and -coordinator of the Depression Era Project, associate member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and Vice-Chair of United World Colleges Greece. He holds a BA in Architecture and Comparative Literature from Columbia University and a Masters of Architecture from Princeton University.