Kevin Bryan

Assistant Professor - Strategic Management


Fields of Study


Kevin Bryan is an Assistant Professor in the Strategic Management faculty.  His work primarily consists of applied theoretical analyses of innovation, generally supported by detailed qualitative historical investigation. He has published on the reasons innovation policy cause firms to work on inefficient R&D projects, the evaluation of early stage ventures, competition in rideshare markets, the use of science by inventors, and the reasons cities may not benefit from inventions that occur there. He maintains a side interest in studying history of thought, the history of the Industrial Revolution, and social scientific methodology.  Details of his research can be found at

He writes the research weblog A Fine Theorem ( devoted to discussions of new economics and strategy research; the site has been visited over 750,000 times and has been discussed by The Economist, Slate, Reuters, Forbes, and Bloomberg, among others.

Research Areas

Innovation, Microeconomic Theory, Entrepreneurship, Economic History