Andre Simpson

Professor - Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (UTSC) - Department of Chemistry (St. George)



Professor Andre Simpson co-founded the Environmental NMR Center at the University of Toronto Canada and develops nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy for environmental applications. He pioneered a new technology in collaboration with Bruker Biospin, termed comprehensive multi-phase NMR, that allows all bonds in liquids, gels and solids to be detected and differentiated at the same time in unaltered biological and environmental samples. When applied to a living organism the approach allows all bonds (shell, membranes, metabolites etc.) to be detected for the first time in-vivo. His recent work developing in-vivo NMR allows detailed metabolic profiling of living organisms. This provides real-time pathway information critical to explain why chemicals are toxic and to pin-point the exact environmental stressors causing the biological perturbations. Much of his research has involved developing new NMR methodologies to address some of the most problematic issue in Environmental Research. André has published more than 200 refereed articles along with 15 book chapters and 1 book. He is currently a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has been awarded a number of prestigious awards including, RSC/SETAC environmental science award, CSC Fred Beamish Award/W.A.E. McBryde Medal and the RSC Joseph Black award and medal.

Research Areas

Environmental NMR Spectroscopy, In-vivo sub-lethal toxic
responses, global carbon cycling

Cities of Focus