Outreach Small Grant Funds

The purpose of the School of Cities Small Grants Initiative is to support outreach and engagement activities at the University of Toronto that are focused on cities. Initiatives to be supported include lectures, symposia, workshops, labs, displays, film screenings, etc.

  • Total annual budget: $25,000
  • Maximum per event / initiative: $1,000

Rolling requests

  • $10k (October to December)
  • $10k (January to April)
  • $5k (May to August)

Criteria & Eligibility

  • Maximum request of $1,000
  • Department, program, faculty or other formal university organization has to also be a sponsor or co-sponsor of the initiative (can be non-budgetary)
  • Priority to initiatives that are demonstrated to be multidisciplinary
  • Initiatives with community partners are encouraged
  • Funds can be accessed once per year, per program, department, etc.
  • Initiative must be scheduled within six months of the funding application
  • Faculty, staff, students are eligible to apply
  • Priority given to initiatives that are public, free of charge
  • Eligible expenses: room rental, catering, event promotion, travel expenses (all eligible expenses must comply with the University of Toronto’s policies)
  • Other expenses to be approved on case by case basis


To request funds, send an email to Partnerships and Outreach at outreach.sofc@utoronto.ca with a maximum 1-page description, including the following:

  • Name/date of activity
  • U of T lead(s): Name, Department
  • Description of Activity
  • Budget – total budget for initiative, plus proposal for how the SoC funds may be leveraged with money from other sources

Responses will be provided within one week.


  • All successful requests will be promoted on the School of Cities website and through social media, and other communications
  • Recipients will acknowledge School of Cities support on any materials and at event
  • Original receipts required for reimbursement
  • Following event, provide a 1 paragraph post-event summary of outcomes

Non-Budgetary Partnerships


The School of Cities welcomes opportunities to affiliate with U of T initiatives that have an urban focus such as events, lectures, or other activities. Please see below for details on the criteria and process that we will use to establish non-budgetary partnerships. Non-budgetary partnerships with the school will enable the use of our logo on event materials, promotional support through School of Cities communication channels, and other means as determined on a case-by-case basis.


  • Urban-focused
  • University of Toronto department, program, club, lab etc. is also a sponsor


To request permission to include the School of Cities as a partner at your event, send an email to outreach.sofc@utoronto.ca with the following details:

  • Name/date of activity
  • U of T lead(s): Name, Department
  • Description of Activity (1-2 sentences)
  • Provide details about event / initiative so that the School of Cities can assist with promotion.

Responses will be provided within one week.