Smart Cities: Big Data and Intelligent Systems

Napas Thein

Napas Thein, (UTSG) Undergrad – Bachelor of Public Policy and Urban Studies
Project : Youth in the Smart City

Napas Thein is an undergraduate student, naval reservist and social entrepreneur fascinated with the fast-changing nature of urban life. Seeking to graduate in 2021, Napas values a diverse set of studies in his Public Policy and Urban Studies majors where he was given the opportunity to gain an interdisciplinary perspective on the world--ranging from economics to political science. His naval career provided him with the opportunity to give back to the community through service and training. Napas has also participated in a wide array of volunteer initiatives, ranging from canvassing with local city councilors and MPs to being a volunteer and research assistant with Progress Toronto. His most recent initiative was PAYCE, an organization aimed at increasing youth (aged 18-24) voter engagement, through online media campaigns and face-to-face vote pop-ups. This allowed him the opportunity to showcase the project on CityNews. Napas has proven skills in leadership, program organizing, community service, quantitative and qualitative research methods, video production, public outreach and public speaking. 

Oscar Chiu, (UTSG) Graduate – Master of Double Concentration in UX Design and Culture & Technology
Project : Pride Data Project: The Path to Queer Data Sovereignty

Oscar is a second year Masters candidate at the iSchool with concentrations in UX Design and Culture & Technology where he is currently exploring the topics of surveillance infrastructures and the interface as a moderation medium. Oscar is also interested in ways technology can bring communities together through creative engagement and events. Oscar was an organizer for Change Up, an arts hackathon focused on unlocking the potentials of technology within an arts context. This past summer Oscar worked for Pride as a UX designer and researcher where he conducted user research and competitive analysis in order to develop, design and prototype a safety app for Pride's public safety initiative. Oscar hopes to be able to continue this pursuit of finding ways for technology to benefit community members, firmly believing in the benefits that fair opportunities of accessing and learning about technologies can bring. 

Phil Lu*, (UTSG) Undergrad – Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, Robotics Engineering Major
Project : Modeling the Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Cities

Phil is a fourth-year student studying Engineering Science with a major in Robotics at the University of Toronto. He is the Managing Director of Global Engineering Week (GE Week), an initiative that engaged nearly 10,000 students across Canada in multidisciplinary problem-solving. As part of GE Week, he co-founded Hack the Globe, a hackathon that challenges students to innovate a tech-based social enterprise to address global issues. Phil is passionate about tackling problems at the intersection of AI/robotics and the social sciences and hopes to explore how urban issues are impacted by the rise of connected, intelligent systems.

Ryan Khurana

Ryan Khurana*, (UTSG) Graduate – Master of Management Analytics, Rotman
Project : Public Management of Urban Data

Ryan Khurana is a Management Analytics candidate at the Rotman School of Management. He has a background in technology policy working on issues including automation, data governance, and platform regulation. He holds a BA from the University of Manchester in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. His two passions in life are films and watches.

Learn more about Ryan's project: The Future of Quayside.


PDF iconRyan Khurana (2020). The Future of Quayside. A research presentation. Toronto: CA. School of Cities, University of Toronto. 

The Future of Quayside


Effective Smart City initiatives begin by identifying who the smart city is for and who is responsible for its success. Technology should not devolve into spectacle, but should be a means to increase democratic participation in design and execution.