Immigration, Culture and Placemaking

Arunoshi Singh, (UTSG) Undergrad - Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Criminology, and Political Science
Project : About us, from us

Arunoshi Singh is a fourth-year undergraduate student with a deep involvement in various equity-driven policies and initiatives. As a student interested in the themes of forced migration, citizenship, borders and belonging, she hopes to continue learning more about preparing our cities for the climate change effects on movement of peoples around the world. By focusing on the voices of those most impacted by these issues, Arunoshi believes we can find sustainable solutions to issues of migration that prioritize care and dignity. 

Erik Mastalerz Erik Mastalerz, (UTSG) Undergrad – Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Economics
Project : Maintaining identity and character in a quickly changing world

Erik Mastalerz, a first-year student at Trinity College, spent most of his childhood in a small Connecticut town and most global issues seemed distant and entirely inconsequential to his younger self. Towards the end of his secondary education, he had the opportunity to visit many parts of the world through academic programs and familial ties. He saw the slums of Lima, bombed out buildings in Bosnia and adverse poverty in Santo Domingo. The world suddenly became much smaller and more real as Erik saw the faces of the desperate people of the world. This experience shaped his decision to study International Relations and Economics in university, to do his part in creating a world in which there is less adversity and despair in the lives of the less fortunate.

Kandeel Imran*, (UTSC) Undergrad – Bachelor of Arts in City Studies and Public Policy
Project : Immigrant Placemaking in Suburban Communities

Kandeel Imran is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto Scarborough majoring in City Studies and Public Policy, and minoring in Critical Migration Studies. Currently, she is the elected student representative for the department of Human Geography in the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union. This summer she worked as the Community Program Assistant at Heritage Toronto, a City of Toronto agency and non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the recognition of the history and cultural heritage of Toronto neighbourhoods through walking tours, plaques, and awards. Kandeel is interested in community development, especially as it relates to the intersections of immigrant businesses and placemaking in the suburbs of Toronto.

Watch Kandeel's presentation on "The Impact of COVID-19 on Immigrant-owned food businesses in Toronto's suburbs".

Zahireen Tarefdar, (UTSG) Undergrad – Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Peace, Conflict, & Justice Studies
Project: Youth Cultures and Identities: The City vs. The Suburbs

Zahireen Tarefdar is in her fourth (but not last) year of undergraduate studies at the U of T, double-majoring in International Relations & Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies, with a minor in the Digital Humanities. Having grown up in Scarborough as the only child of a South Asian immigrant family, Zahireen is fascinated by topics relating to diaspora psychology, inter-cultural identity formation, and the relationship between physical infrastructure and human social networks. She is also driven by a deep passion for social justice and sustainable cityscapes and has dedicated much of her undergrad to campus leadership positions focusing on environmental advocacy and climate policy research.