Why face masks will become the new normal in Canada: Now Toronto

May 4, 2020 by School of Cities Staff

Governments and public health institutions world-over have gone back and forth on the issue of face masks. One of the most defining visual element of the pandemic, the face-mask has become the subject of much discussion and debate. From it's production, to its utility value, to making it into a fashion symbol, the online community has "covered" all its aspects.

The emergence of the 'new normal' in a post-pandemic world is also a much speculated upon and discussed topic. Defining the way things are going to change for good after the passing of Coronavirus is essential to preempt the long term consequencies of the crisis and prepare ourselves ahead of time. From the question of transit systems to food supply chains, researchers and experts everywhere are attempting to paint a picture of our post-pandemic future. Will this picture depict people wearing masks in their daily lives to prevent themselves from being exposed to the virus? Will the facemask become as omnipresent, embedded on our person akin to the smartphone? The article "Why face masks will become the new normal in Canada" by Sadaf Ahsan tackles this question, with inputs from SofC's Director for Partnerships and Outreach, Prof. Shauna Brail.