University of Manchester and University of Toronto contribute matching funds to support collaborative research initiatives

January 30, 2019 by School of Cities Staff

The University of Manchester and the University of Toronto are contributing matching funds to support collaborative research initiatives through a joint call for proposals.

Professor, Tenley Conway, Department of Geography, University of Toronto Mississauga and Ian Mell, Senior Lecturer in Environmental & Landscape Planning, Manchester Urban Institute, will lead the project 'Co-producing sustainable cities through Green Infrastructure best practice’. They will use the funding to facilitate reflections in both locations and provide opportunities for research exchange and teaching between staff, students and local practitioners. The outcomes of this exchange will include opportunities to engage with innovative thinking about urban greening from international experts and how we can apply this knowledge in rapidly changing urban environments.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Theresa Enright and Professor Human Geography Kevin Ward, Manchester Urban Institute, will lead the project 'Governing urban infrastructures' will look at how infrastructure is governed and how it supports sustainable spatial development has preoccupied those working at the interface of infrastructure and urban studies. The use of infrastructure to project cities into the world economy and to position them to capture global capital flows has accompanied a number of experiments in territorial governance. At the same time, city-regions have sought out new multi-scalar infrastructure arrangements to provide the necessary welfare support and services for their citizens. Often, the contest between these economic, environmental and social aims causes conflicts between different urban stakeholders. Infrastructure is thus increasingly at the centre of debates over the making of urban futures.

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