SofC 2020 Peer Mentor among four urban planners proposing solutions for Affordable Housing in this Toronto Star story

July 17, 2020 by School of Cities Staff

One of the key public instructions that was unanimously accepted as essential to control the spread of Coronavirus was that people "Stay Home" to save lives. This, however, isn't as easy an option as would seem in most parts of the world. The sharp focus it put Canadian homelessness issue in has now led to an urgent dialogue around the issue of affordable housing to combat the unsafe situation faced by many a vulnerable communities. 

In the article "How to fix Toronto’s housing affordability crisis? Four urban planning students share their solutions" written by Innis School aluminus Jacob Lorinc for Toronto Star, four urban planning students discuss housing issues that face Toronto and offer solutions to the current housing crisis. The students discuss how housing must be thought of as a human right and address how affordable housing has been stigmatized while sharing their insights into how to fix these issues. Each student shares their own solution to different issues which contribute to the housing crisis. 

Using her own experiences growing up in co-operative housing in Toronto as an example, 2019 undergrad Fellow and 2020 Peer Mentor Keisha St. Louis-McBurnie highlights mixed-income housing models from around the world as examples that may help Toronto improve affordability of housing as well as helping to fix stigmas around affordable housing. 

Read the story here.