School of Cities 2020-2021 Annual Report Released

December 15, 2021 by School of Cities Staff

Image of the cover pafe of teh report featuring a word cloud in the shape of Torotno's skyline, with terms such as sustainability, environment and housing policy, which lead SofC's objectives

The School of Cities is excited to announce the release of our Annual Review for the 2020-2021 reporting period.

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Around the world, communities hold 2021 in memory as a year without precedent. But it was a special one for the School in many ways. We welcomed a newly appointed director, and celebrated the work of the outgoing leadership team who built the foundation upon which the School will flourish. This report captures the highlights of our most successful initiatives and celebrates the SofC's community members whose support and participation made our work a success.

With links to a video series, the release of student project reports, and many more resources created under the auspices of the School, we hope you enjoy perusing the narratives as much as we enjoyed documenting them.