Report back: Food Security and Health in Remote Communities

October 8, 2020 by School of Cities Staff

The School of Cities’ newest Urban Challenge Initiative, Building Resilience in Food and Health Supply Chains, hosted its first webinar “Food Security and Health in Remote Communities.” In this webinar, Professor Tracey Galloway, Anthropology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, describes the landscape of service provision in Canada’s remote, northern communities, using retail food sales as a lens to examine how factors such as history and governance converge in the everyday realities of Indigenous people living in northern communities.

"Not only are services concentrated in the north, but they’re also closely integrated. It’s not just food security that’s impacted by this transportation nexus, this flight map is also for birthing services. Very few communities have midwifery services, for the most part, people are referred to southern hospitals to give birth." Professor Galloway

The webinar highlights the interconnected nature of various services as reliant on the same transportation infrastructure and emphasizes the precarity of remote communities in any service disruption. Professor Galloway concludes by making 3 key recommendations: to realign transportation services and policy to a northern perspective; reorient governance over service domains to reflect decolonized systems of service provision; and develop community-centred, Indigenous-led services, supply chains, and policy structures that support them.

The Building Resilience Initiative will be hosting regular webinars to further explore resilient supply chains, Mondays 4 - 5 PM, register here

Watch the recording of the webinar below