Infrastructure Institute Welcomes Fellows

September 20, 2021 by School of Cities Staff

The Infrastructure Institute at the SofC is thrilled to welcome two new team members - Infrastructure Fellow Zannah Matson, and Post-Doctoral Fellow Yinnon Geva - to undertake unique infrastructure-centric research projects.

  Infrastructure Fellow Zannah Matson 

Zannah Matson's headshot

Zannah Matson is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography and Planning. Zannah Matson’s research and design work focuse on the histories and contemporary reinterpretations of landscapes throughout processes of colonization, violence, and state infrastructure projects.

Futuristic renderings of planned and designed infrastructures are ubiquitous in our lives. We often see these well-lit and high-resolution visualizations on billboards, in PowerPoint presentations, or even as quick videos in advertisements or campaign promotions. But what is the power of these images and how do they both communicate and construct the future? As a Research Fellow with the Infrastructure Institute, Zannah Matson will be developing a project that examines the role of renderings within the overall life of an infrastructure project. Based on her work that examines a highway in the piedmont landscapes in Colombia and the role that visual materials have played in infrastructure construction, Matson will consider the visual language of infrastructural renderings and propose critical ways of engaging with these materials. Matson’s project with the Infrastructure Institute will analyze the approach of renderings more generally as well as within a specific local project to consider the following research questions: What constructions of the state and society do infrastructural renderings reinforce? How do these visualizations shape people’s relationship to the future and the ir participation within it? How do these visual projections of often unattainable futures contrast and obscure everyday urban infrastructures? How can communities engage with these visual materials and shape more representative futures?

 Post-Doctoral Fellow Yinnon Geva

Yinnon Geva's headshot

Yinnon Geva (PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ’21) is an urban planner, studying the implications of urban development on social equity. In his dissertation, he examined the evolution of Israel’s state-led urban regeneration program. The study explored how developers, homeowners, and municipal governments learned to balance the social implications and the market logics of the national program.

At the School of Cities, Yinnon studies the implications of the Covid-19 crisis on place-based urban strategies, focusing on multisectoral developments in the Greater Toronto Area. The research engages with the multiple perceptions of crisis in urban studies to examine how notions of equitable development have transformed since the onset of the pandemic.