I’m an Engineer, and I’m Not Buying Into 'Smart' Cities: The New York Times

July 16, 2019 by School of Cities Staff

Shoshanna Saxe, an assistant professor of civil and mineral engineering and a School of Cities faculty affiliate, writes an op-ed about smart cities for The New York Times

"The most critical question, however, is whether having a smart city will make us meaningfully better at solving urban problems. Data and algorithms alone don’t actually add very much on their own. No matter how much data a city has, addressing urban challenges will still require stable long-term financing, good management and effective personnel. If smart data identifies a road that needs paving, it still needs people to show up with asphalt and a steamroller," says Saxe. 

"Sensor-equipped garbage cans sound cool, but someone still has to take out the trash."

Read her op-ed in The New York Times