From Gin to Gel: Why Canada's manufacturing capacity matters - Policy Options

April 21, 2020 by School of Cities Staff

"How is it that Canadian firms have pivoted, seemingly with ease, to manufacture new products to meet new demands precipitated by COVID-19? A look at Canada’s industrial innovation history can help explain this response. This manufacturing pivot is largely the result of Canada’s history of industrial activity in advanced manufacturing, its ability to continually withstand change and its skilled and talented workforce supplemented by a strong social safety net."

SofC's Director for Partnerships and Outreach, Prof. Shauna Brail, partners with Queen's University's Betsy Donald for this article in Policy Options, focusing on the issues with global supply chains that have been exposed by the pandemic and ways in which the Canadian manufacturing industry can better use its strengths in its favor.

Read the article From Gin to Gel: Why Canada's manufacturing capacity matters in Policy Options.