Could congestion fees get Toronto moving? CityTV

August 20, 2019 by School of Cities Staff

CityTV News asked: Would you pay to drive in the busiest parts of Toronto if it meant less traffic?

School of Cities interim director Matti Siemiatycki, an associate professor of geography and planning, told CityTV News reporter Adrian Ghobrial, "Our system is currently squeezed. But they're making big investments to increase capacity. And I think that as we go forward, there now is the ability to put the road charges in, and have the capacity in the network, so that people have other alternatives."

"Roads are not free. The money is coming from somewhere. It's coming from your property taxes, from parking charges. I think there's an opportunity to put [in] user fees, so the people who are using those roads can pay for a portion of the direct cost," he said. 

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