In Conversation: Don Iveson x Richard Florida | Climate + Justice + Cities Speaker Series

April 13, 2022 by School of Cities Staff

The latest in the Climate + Justice + Speaker Series at the School of Cities is an exciting and insightful conversation with Don Iveson, former Mayor of Edmonton, and Professor Richard Florida.

As Canada continues to grow and urbanize, new ways of thinking and deliberate action are required to address increasing concerns regarding housing affordability, climate change, racial injustice, economic competitiveness, and many other socio-economic issues. Positive, creative, and equitable leadership is necessary to address these issues and provide long-term solutions that ensure prosperity for all in Canada – especially those from underserved and disadvantaged communities.

The conversation will explore the impact of new forms of bottom-up leadership and the role that cities and their governing bodies can play in achieving justice.


Watch the whole conversation now

Read the transcript of this conversation here.