Closing the back door of data privacy: Globe and Mail op-ed

July 19, 2019 by School of Cities Staff

In an opinion piece for the Globe and Mail's Report on Business (July 19, 2019), Distinguished Professor of Urban Systems Engineering, Mark S. Fox and the School's associate director, research, discusses what Canada should do about data privacy in a post-privacy world. 

"In our electronic age, privacy has become a public concern of paramount importance. Much Canadian discussion has been engendered by Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside development in Toronto, but Canadians need to recognize that we live in what Nova Spivack has called a post-privacy world. Just as a vault is designed to make stealing our money difficult, but not impossible, for the most persistent thieves, measures such as privacy by design, computer security, and data trusts only make it difficult, but not impossible, to invade your privacy. This means we need to make sure that organizations that collect and aggregate our data—building remarkably detailed profiles of us— bear liability when the data they aggregate is leaked or stolen."

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