Canadian National Exhibition cancelled this summer due to COVID-19 pandemic : Matti Siemiatycki comments

May 12, 2020 by School of Cities Staff

"This summer, the continuing threat of COVID-19 will dim the lights of one of Canada’s biggest and longest-running summer draws for the first time since the Second World War," writes Cassandra  Szklarski for The Canadian Press. This break from tradition comes as the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition have been converted to a make-shift COVID-19 centre to support healthcare providers in the case of a hospital overflow situation. The event joins the list of others that have met the same fate, such as Toronto Pride Parade, the Calgary Stampede and the Canada Day celebrations at Ottawa. Observing how these cancellations would be a loss, not just for the vendors and financial stakeholders, but also the social fabric of the communities, Prof. Matti Siemiatycki said, "“The sense of loss of that, I think, in a moment where we’re really experiencing all sorts of different types of losses is really just another reminder of how profound this pandemic has been and how unusual this moment is.”

Read the article "Canadian National Exhibition cancelled this summer due to COVID-19 pandemic" via The Globe and Mail.