THE ART OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PODCAST- Shauna Brail - The Duchess of Geographic Economics

May 25, 2020 by School of Cities Staff

Even though computing the extent of the pandemic's impact on the various facets of human condition is an urgent task, thought leaders and experts across the board are currently focusing on finding solutions to ensure that industry players can bounce back from the unprecedented setbacks they're facing.

In the spirit of lending insights to support this recovery, Prof. Shauna Brail participated in the podcast series - The Art of the Neighbourhood - for a discussion that focused on strategies for BIAs and small businesses to survive and thrive during and post-pandemic. Through the conversation, Prof. Brail highlighted three key activities: 1) working with associations on collaborative support and advocacy initiatives; 2) leveraging digital platforms to connect with customers and community; and 3) using curbs, sidewalks and street spaces upon reopening strategies.