School of Cities | 2019 - 2020 Annual Report Release

October 13, 2020 by School of Cities Staff


Matti Siemiatycki is the Interim Director at the School of CitiesThe School of Cities was launched two years ago with one simple goal - to provide a platform to convene people with a passion for, and commitment towards, making cities more prosperous, sustainable, equal and just. The past few months have not only thrown this objective into sharp relief but also laid bare the need for urgent change by demonstrating the deep rooted and unquestionable disparities that exist in cities around the world.

This Annual Report comes at a time when cities globally are at a turning point, facing multiple crises. The efforts to overcome the COVID-19 public health crisis stand alongside the urgent need to address climate change, and the powerful struggles to achieve social justice for Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities. Cities are key battlegrounds for these crucial struggles against the status quo.

The School of Cities pledges to support this much needed transformation and reimagining of cities through our research, education and training, and engagement.

We invite you to read this report and join us in reflecting on the role that we as scholars, researchers, educators, activists and students can play in making our cities, our narratives and our work more inclusive, sustainable and equitable.

Matti Siemiatycki
Interim Director - School of Cities