2019 Graduate Fellow weighs-in on strategies for fixing long-term care challenges - Toronto Star

July 3, 2020 by School of Cities Staff

Among the most startling challenges brought into sharp focus by the pandemic was the deteriorating state of long-term care homes in Canada. As of May 25th, long-term care residents made up for 81% of all coronavirus deaths in Canada, with Ontario and Quebec struggling with the brunt of the crisis and deploying the military to assess and control the dire situation. Experts and activists have since called on the government to work towards sustainable measures in order to address the roots of the issues, instead of band-aid solutions that complicate them further. 

In his article 'Virtual care and other fixes for the COVID-19 long-term-care catastrophe', Toronto Star reporter Jacob Lorinc has attempted to capture the fresh voices and ideas of four (4) recent graduates specializing in senior care and public policy. Among these is 2019 Graduate Fellow and Student Academy member Lamia Aganagic, who puts the urgency of the current situation in perspective and proposes the use of increased virtual care as one of the viable solutions. 

Read the story here via Toronto Star.