IBI Group Inc. “Curbs for mobility users”


IBI Group is a globally integrated architecture, planning, engineering, and technology firm. From high-rises to industrial buildings, schools to state-of-the-art hospitals, transit stations to highways, airports to toll systems, bike lanes to parks, we design every aspect of the integrated city. We organize our expertise into three sectors: Intelligence, Buildings, and Infrastructure. • Intelligence: systems design and software development.

  • Buildings: building architecture, interior design, and building engineering (mechanical, structural, and electrical).
  • Infrastructure: planning, urban design, landscape architecture, transportation, and civil engineering.

IBI Group is a global leader in professional services and consulting for urban environments, with a continued presence as software developers. We have been developing applications for governments and government agencies since the eighties. In the intervening decades, we have been busy building our products, each created in response toa specific need cities face. IBI is proud of our award-winning portfolio of products and all the ways they are helping to define the cities of tomorrow. CurbIQ is one of these products, born out of the company wide hackathon in 2019. CurbIQ, a curbside regulation and asset management product, helps cities better understand not only their parking, but all of their curbside restrictions. Our flexible software solution helps cities, residents, and the general public better understand their parking options, restrictions, and the mobility options around them. CurbIQ consists of a variety of tools that provide curbside data collection, visualization, management, and analysis, which together provide considerable transparency ,flexibility, and efficiency to the entire parking process for municipalities. The CurbIQ team consists of curbside management experts and product developers, with IBI Group having completed one of the first curbside management studies in North America for the City of Toronto. 

Ohoto of a curbside in Toronto's downtown neighbourhood by night time, featuring CN Tower in the back
Image credits: Elza Kurbanova


Project Description

Many cities, campuses, and developments are beginning to realize the value in understanding their curb and its usage so that the curbside can be better managed, more accessible, and equitable for all mobility users from pedestrians, to cyclists, micromobility users, courier vehicles, and TNCs. This will in turn makes a more friendly public realm and alleviate congestion and other transportation issues on the streets leading to more sustainable urban centres. The first step to have a better understanding of the curbside is to access curbside data and an existing inventory of supply and demand. Visualization, management, and analysis tools can then be used to practice more informed curbside management work. This project looks to have students complete a curbside management strategy for the University of Toronto Campus (ideally St. George campus, but could also be completed at the Scarborough or Mississauga campuses, or all three). Students would first collect both supply and demand data on the curbside for the campus with the help of CurbIQ’s data collection tools. While this Existing Conditions Review is being completed, the students can structure how they want to conduct their study. This can include a Future Conditions Assessment, Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement, a Best Practices Review, and a final report with recommended policies. IBI Group can provide guidance on how best to run these studies as well as provide CurbIQ visualization, management, and analysis tools to complete the various tasks. The outcomes and recommendations of this project can help Uof T campus have a more equitable curb and promote sustainable mobility options throughout campus. 

In this project, the Client expects the team to design the following: 

There are three main deliverables that can come out of this project: - A digital curb inventory of the University of Toronto campus that can be used by the students for analysis, but also by campus planners and other users. This data could be shared through the Urban Data Centre as well. - A structured template or format for a campus wide curbside management study - A final report, which could be in the form of the final deliverable of the curbside management study, outlining the data collected as well as policy and infrastructure recommendations that can be made to the curbside to help improve equitable and sustainable mobility on campus