School of Cities Urban Leadership Fellowship and Academy Virtual Research Festival : Session 2

When and Where

Thursday, September 24, 2020 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
via Zoom


Session 2 of a weekly webinar series showcasing students’ engaged research, virtual simulations, social impact and creative projects.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

2:30pm – 4:00pm


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Order of Presentations

  • Welcome!
  • Land acknowledgement
  • 15 minutes presentation per panelist
  • 20 minutes moderated Q&A
Philip Lu
Simulating Autonomous Vehicle Fleets in Toronto
Hikmat Jamal
Sustainable Cities
City & Crumpets
Naziha Nasrin 
Global Urbanism
Women's Everyday Struggles for Water Access in Dhaka

Presenter Bios

Phil Lu

Philip (Phil) Lu

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, Robotics Engineering Major

Phil is a fourth-year student studying Engineering Science with a major in Robotics at the University of Toronto. He is the Managing Director of Global Engineering Week (GE Week), an initiative that engaged nearly 10,000 students across Canada in multidisciplinary problem-solving. As part of GE Week, he co-founded Hack the Globe, a hackathon that challenges students to innovate a tech-based social enterprise to address global issues. Phil is passionate about tackling problems at the intersection of AI/robotics and the social sciences and hopes to explore how urban issues are impacted by the rise of connected, intelligent systems. 

Learn more about Phil's project: Modeling the Impacts of Autonomous Vehicle Fleets on Toronto

Project Report: Phil Lu (2020). Modeling the Impacts of Autonomous Vehicle Fleets on Toronto. Toronto: CA. School of Cities, University of Toronto.

Box plot showing customer trip distances (right) and wait times (left) across age ranges.

Distance to Age Graph Wait to Age Graph

The simulation and analysis pipeline are meant to serve as a starting point for further research and exploration on the impacts of autonomous vehicles on the city. To learn more about the project and to access the data and open-source code, please visit:


Hikmat Jamal

Hikmat Jamal

Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography & Planning and Philosophy

Hikmat Jamal is a second-year student with an interest in urbanism, sustainability, and growth, particularly in the Global South. His education in philosophy and geography equips him with an interdisciplinary approach to urban issues, exploring the ethical and metaphysical assumptions that undergird our cities.


Naziha Nasrin

Naziha Nasrin

(UTSC) Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, City Studies and International Development Studies

Naziha, a fourth year student, has her research interest in urban development policy in cities of the Global South and immigration policy and multiculturalism in Canada. After graduating, Naziha is hoping to pursue a Masters in Urban Planning with a concentration in development, power and policy and Social Planning. In her free time, she likes to read, write poetry and bake chocolate chip cookies. As a member of the School of Cities Academy, Naziha is hoping to engage in innovative research methods, and to learn and share the political and structural processes of global urbanism. She is also hoping to have in-depth relationships with her fellows so she can take their projects beyond the School of Cities.

Learn more about Naziha's project: Women's Everday Struggles for Water Access in Dhaka.

Policy Brief:

PDF iconNaziha Nasrin (2020). Policy Brief: Water, Sanitation and Hygine for Women in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A policy brief. Toronto: CA. School of Cities, University of Toronto. 


PDF iconNaziha Nasrin (2020). Women's Everyday Struggles for Water Access in Dhaka. A research presentation. Toronto: CA. School of Cities, University of Toronto. 

Policy Brief Title Page

The brief also identifies gender inequality, gender roles and cultural stigma as barriers to water and hygiene for women and provides policy recommendations to address these issues.

Contact Information

Prof. Marieme Lo, Associate Director, Education