NECTAR Conference

When and Where

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 9:00 am to Friday, July 22, 2022 8:00 pm
Chestnut Conference Centre
89 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON


Karst Geurs, NECTAR chair
Michael Widener, University of Toronto
Eric Miller, University of Toronto
Steve Farber, University of Toronto
Shoshanna Saxe, University of Toronto
Marianne Hatzopoulou, University of Toronto
Karen Chapple, University of Toronto
Raktim Mitra, Ryerson University
Shauna Brail, University of Toronto


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List of sponsors of NECTAR 2022. Thanks to the following divisions and units for sponsoring NECTAR 2022NECTAR is a scientific research network concerned with transport and communication issues, which has been developed in the framework of a European Science Foundation Network.

The 16th International NECTAR Conference will take place in Toronto, Canada, from 20 – 22 July 2022. The theme of the conference is “Mobilizing Justice: Moving Toward Action for an Equitable Transportation Future”. The NECTAR conference will be organized by the U of T and hosted on its downtown St. George campus.

Transportation systems, networks, and infrastructure are the critical link that connects people to their daily social, economic, and health activities. However, the quantity and quality of transportation opportunities available vary significantly from place to place and often lead to the phenomenon known as Transportation-Related Social Exclusion (TRSE). 

The conference calls for presentations on advancements in the fields of transport, communication, and equity. The focus of the conference is transportation equity and TRSE, and how 21st-century cities and regions are addressing these important topics in a post-COVID-19 world. For example, presentations may discuss how transport policies enable or prevent access to opportunities, present emerging ways of measuring transport-related disadvantages and their downstream effects or explore the intersectional experiences of individuals with transportation systems and networks.



NECTAR is a European-based scientific association. The primary objective is to foster research collaboration and exchange of information between experts in the field of transport, communication and mobility from all European countries and the rest of the world. It is a multidisciplinary social science network bringing together a wide variety of perspectives on transport and communication problems and their impacts on society from an international perspective. For further information on NECTAR, use the link:

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89 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON