MUCP Student Information Session

When and Where

Monday, March 30, 2020 9:30 am to 10:30 am


Dr. Mark Fox, Associate director (Research), School of Cities


The Multidisciplinary Urban Capstone Project (MUCP) is a unique, full academic year capstone design course offered by the University of Toronto. All projects are sourced from cities, community groups and non-governmental organizations for whom the project addresses a real urban need, and requires a multidisciplinary approach to solve. 

The MUCP is designed for exceptional fourth-year students who are looking for a unique, challenging capstone design experience. Students in the MUCP:

  • Apply knowledge, skills and processes from several disciplines to conduct analysis;
  • Demonstrate judgement as they integrate economic, environmental, social, and other pertinent interdisciplinary factors;
  • Incorporate teamwork, project management, and direct stakeholder and Client interaction; and
  • Prove the feasibility of their design concepts through simulation and prototyping.

This is an informational session for current 3rd year students who are interested in participating in a capstone/independent research course for the 20/21 academic year. 

This event has passed. A recording of the session is available here: