The Future of Urban Mobility

When and Where

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
MY 440
Myhal Centre
55 St George St Toronto, ON M5S 0C9


Part of the Urban Challenge Project Seminars

Fast speed train photo by chuttersnap via unsplash

"Rethinking the impacts of transport infrastructure – a holistic life cycle approach" – Shoshanna Saxe, Assistant Professor, Civil and Mineral Engineering

This presentation will discuss the holistic impacts of transportation infrastructure. As the skeletal structure of civil society transportation infrastructure influences how we live, work and move; it is also a massive consumer of primary energy and materials. Transportation infrastructure have long life times; its impacts are durable and persistant, adding complexity to impact assessment. The presentation will discuss how a holistic conceptualization of transport infrastructure can change our perceptions of value, about what should and shouldn’t be built, and the power of transport infrastructure to shape the future.

William Denning, Walmer Consulting – "Economics Focus within the Sustainability Triad"

Abstract: The presentation will discuss how partial equilibrium microeconomic analysis (economic cost-benefit analysis, ECBA) is used to assist in designing, evaluating, and deciding on transport investments and policies. Distinctions will be made between ECBA and macroeconomic approaches (such as GDP impacts), or financial approaches (financial cost-benefit analysis), or multi-criteria approaches. The relevance of partial equilibrium methods will be compared to full equilibrium and the necessity for analysis of true alternatives (alternatives in route, technology, and service). The importance of robust, network-based, travel demand estimates is emphasized. Topics such as the role of land use scenarios in preparing demand estimates and land value capture will be mentioned.

This series is held in partnership with: 

UTTRI - U of T Transportation Research Institute


55 St George St Toronto, ON M5S 0C9