2022 Graduate Fellowship Symposium - Day 1

When and Where

Friday, June 10, 2022 10:00 am to 1:00 pm


Join the School of Cities and our student fellows for the 2022 Graduate Fellowship Symposium! A vibrant and multidisciplinary cohort will present research projects covering a broad range of urban-oriented topics.

Agenda - Day 1 - June 10, 2022


10:00 am


Welcome and Land Acknowledgment

Time of Presentation

Name of the Fellow

Project Title

10:15 am Cheryl Cheung Visualizing Life from the City’s Fringes
10:30 am Emily Power Tenant Dispossession and Landlord Accumulation under COVID-19: A Case Study of Toronto
10:45 am Emily Farrar Effects of Bus Electrification on Air Quality along Bus Corridors
11:00 am Bud Roach Cultural Connections in the Public Square
11:15 am Nadia Qureshi Nourishing STEM identities: Black students' access to post-secondary STEM education
11:30 am Yunshun Zhong Automatic shoreline erosion detection in urban area using machine learning
11:45 am James Ankers Toronto the Bad (Listener)? Assessing Torontonians' Policy Preferences and Council
12:00 pm Amber DeJohn Spatio-political contexts of COVID-19 mobilities: an investigation of older Chinese migrants in Toronto, Canada
12:15 pm Diana Barrero Weaving Women's Stories: Women's Representation of Urban Life Through Textiles
12:30 pm Felix Lambrecht Restorative Justice in the City: Repairing historical injustices through city relationships
12:45 pm   Final Remarks


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