Virtual Workshops on City Data Models

ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee Working Group 11 on Smart Cities, is investigating the development of a set of international standards for city data models.

To create truly smart cities, data must be shared across various departments and stakeholders; which can only be accomplished through the use of a common data model. A common data model enables city software applications to share information, plan, coordinate, execute city tasks, and support decision making within and across city services, by providing a precise, unambiguous representation of information and knowledge that is commonly shared across city services. Doing this requires a clear understanding of the terms used in defining the data, as well as how they relate to one another. As such, cities must go beyond a syntactic integration (e.g. common data types and protocols) but also a semantic integration: a consistent, shared understanding of the meaning of information.

This workshop will focus on identifying possible city level concepts for inclusion in a set of standards. Presentations are sought that identify vocabularies and ontologies that represent concepts that are shared across city services.

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Virtual Workshop Recordings