In Sync – Tri-Campus Conversations

Our seminar series is an interdisciplinary an platform for conversations on a wide range of urban research issues. The goals are to connect scholarly communities and communities of practice, foster collaborations, mentorship and network-building in a range of disciplines. Beyond the urban challenges and thematic clusters identified as priority, the series is open to all faculty with interest in cities and urban studies to discuss cutting-edge topics and analysis related to complex and timely urban challenges and issues.

We will invite one or two external speakers per month. Most speakers will be U of T faculty and students across all faculties, departments and campuses interested in sharing their research and animating urban-focused conversations, round tables, panels, debates, lectures etc. 


  • Urban focus research; 
  • Priority given to interdisciplinary teams and cutting-edge topics; 
  • Broad representation of invited external speakers;
  • Open to all faculties, departments and campuses.

For more information, please contact