Smart Cities: Big Data and Intelligent Systems

Picture of Nathan Olmstead.

Nathan Olmstead

Program of Study: PhD in Political Science

Project Title: I'll Remember You in a Streetlight: Technology and Time in the Spectral City

Nathan Olmstead is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. His research interests include digital infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and political theory. His current project explores the ways in which ideas about time and progress inform the expanding world of data, algorithms, and digital governance. Leveraging post-structural and post-human notions of spectrality, his work investigates the relationship between alternative temporalities and more equitable forms of urban development. Originally from Northern Ontario, Nathan has also worked as a policy consultant and advocate on projects related to environmental sustainability, data policy, and animal welfare. His work has been published in journals such as Philosophy and Technology, Urban Studies, and Political Theology.


Picture of Jorge Quesada Davies.

Jorge Quesada Davies

Program of Study: Master's of Urban Planning

Project Title: Smart City Solutions for the Urban Realm after COVID19

Jorge is a second year student in the MSc Urban Planning program. He has always been fascinated by cities, having been born in Madrid, growing up in London and Vancouver, and moving to Toronto in 2012 to pursue a BA in Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. As an aspiring urbanist, Jorge is passionate about finding innovative solutions to urban problems. HIs research interests include Smart City initiatives around the world, the ‘Missing Middle’, and sustainable economic development.



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Fatima Ahmed

Program of Study: Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and Statistical Studies

Project Title: Enabling Inclusive Cities: Algorithms, Open Data, City-Building and Urbanism

Fatima is pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Statistics at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about community building and engagement while leveraging human-centered design for social change. Driven by her passion for building inclusive and equitable cities that engage diverse communities – she likes digging into complex urban issues and producing insightful, data-driven strategic recommendations on any projects that she works on. She is an advocate for using education as a tool for transformation and has worked with diverse groups of people in community-based initiatives that help to enact social change. Fatima enjoys connecting ideas and leveraging the intersection of intelligent AI systems, human behaviour, and the social sciences. She looks forward to creating accessible and interactive physical and digital experiences that are based upon equity in the urban context.