Student Fellowships

As part of its mission, the School of Cities Student Fellowship Award provides a forum for urban-focused interdisciplinary and collaborative learning. 

2019 Fellows 

SofC Student Fellows are current U of T students with strong interest in and passion for urban issues and critical challenges and are leading an innovative and impactful project this term. Meet our 2019 Fellows: 

Undergraduate Fellows

Name Project Program of Study
Mohamed Ali Climate Change, Energy Transitions, and the African Urban Landscape: Prospects for the Future Physical and Environmental Geography and African Studies
Savannah Bein From Vauban to Toronto – Urban Sustainability Working Group Environmental Studies, German and French
Julia Giraudi  Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Understanding Activism Indigenous Studies, Diaspora & Transnational Studies and Women & Gender Studies
Andrew Kidd Developing a Community of Practice at the Intersection of Urban Communities and Machine Learning Engineering Physics
Hodan Mohamud Re-thinking Urban Parks in Toronto: How Can We Make Them Better Human Biology and Animal Physiology
Rushay Naik RENEWAL: History built the city. Can it build the future, too? Human Biology: Global Health and Peace, Conflict & Justice
Antony Ndugi  Decaying Cities Industrial and Business Engineering
Heeho Ryu Toronto Past, Today, Tomorrow Urban Studies, Political Science and Anthropology
Keisha St. Louis-McBurnie  Creating Equitable and Inclusive ‘Smart’ Communities: A Cross-Jurisdiction Analysis and Evaluation of North American and European Case Studies Urban Studies and Political Science
Hazelmae Valenzuela Building Inclusive Cities – A Suburban Perspective Public Policy and City Studies (UTSC)


Graduate Fellows

Name Project Program of Study
Lamia Aganagic Ogimaakwe – Facilitating Mindfulness and Fostering Leadership for Indigenous Women Master's student, Public Policy
Ramz Aziz Toronto’s AI Transformation – Building a Smarter, Richer and (hopefully) Fairer City JD/MBA student, Law and Business Administration
Rebecca Beaulne-Stuebing Mashkiki gitigaanan omaa akiing: Indigenous Medicine(s) in the City PhD student, Social Justice Education; collaborative specialization in Indigenous Health
Jennifer Chau Tran  The Wastebelt Master's student, Landscape Architecture
Niyosha Keyzad Scarborough Plaza Workshop Series PhD student, English and Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Vanessa Kiley Red Embers – School of Cities Collaborative Research Initiative Master's student, Planning
Joanna Kocsis and Rebecca McMillan Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership (UCRSEA) Joanna- PhD student, Planning Rebecca - PhD student, Human Geography
Linxi Mytkolli Evaluating and Redefining the Health of the Canadian Health Care System in a Changing World: How Youth can Help Build Sustainable and Healthy Communities in Canada Master's student, Sustainability Management (UTM)
Adrien Roy Promoting and Enabling an Urban Circular Economy MASc in Civil Engineering
Igor Samardzic Challenging the Status Quo through Productive "Disruption" Master's student, Urban Planning
Jessika Tremblay Toronto Smart City: A Future in the Present PhD student, Anthropology