One City, One Word & My City–My Story

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Number 11 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030


The first School of Cities student fellows and academy symposium and curated exhibit, organized by Prof. Marieme Lo (Associate Director, Education), launched in 2019 with a collective visioning “My City- My Story: One City, One Word” to mark and reflect on the symbolism and meaning of World Cities Day. "My City-My Story: One City, One Word" collective and participative visioning has become a landmark in the 2020 School of Cities Urban Leadership Fellowship and Academy’s symposium in celebration of World Cities Day's local relevance and global reach. 






 One City, One Word


The aim of the collective visioning and participative exercise was the bring together students to engage in a dialogue around the cities they love and the urban issues they're passionate about. The participants named, imagined and shared not just the names of their favourite cities, but also some of the most pressing urban challenges in Canada, Toronto and cities around the world, captured in creative poster designs.




Illustrated image of city names paired with adjectives, created during the collective visioning activity


The participants also engaged in creative explorations with spoken word performances and the screening of an original video co-produced with students "One City, One word", which conveyed students’ voices and their reflections on urban live and challenges in many cities around the world. Organized by Prof. Marieme Lo, Interim Director Prof. Matti Siemiatycki and SofC Manager Ben Liu shared remarks and actively participated in the event.

The 'World Cities Day' celebration was a preamble to the student fellows and Academy members’ symposium, a platform to showcase their engaged research, creative and social impact projects and an opportunity to reflect on the impact of their engagement and interventions in various fora of  social and civic engagement.


 A Few Photo Highlights

Students sitting and listing during World Cities Day event

Professor Lo posing with a spoken word artist on World Cities Day

Prof Lo posing with students during World Cities Day