City of Vaughan “Greening Fleet Initiatives”


Vaughan is a city on the move. With a downtown core rising from the ground – the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre containing a bustling subway, a state-of-the-art hospital that opened its doors in 2021 – the Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital, exciting projects that are transforming the community. Environmental Stewardship is one of the City’s strategic objectives and its goal to protect the environment and foster a sustainable future, the City will act as a steward to preserve the natural environment by encompassing principles of environmental protection into our social and economic initiatives.

  • Protect and respect our environment
  • Proactive environmental management
  • Build the low-carbon economy and a resilient city 
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Project Description

Fleet Management Services is currently working on the “Green Fleet Initiatives” strategy to reduce the City’s carbon footprint. Currently, the City’s 480 units have annual fuel consumption of 850,000 liters to provide various city services and produces 1,996 metric tons greenhouse gas emissions. The “Green Fleet Initiatives” objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 20% in the next 3 years. As a responsible public sector organization, the City must adhere to derive maximum value from tax dollars and maintain the highest service delivery standards. The City’s fleet is a mix of old and new vehicles with an average age of 8.76 years and all internal customers have different operational requirements. The proposed solution must include a multidisciplinary approach while achieving the congruence among cost, operational performance and after sales and service availability. 

In this project, the Client expects the team to design the following: 

The team of students can help the city to understand best and leading practices in greening fleet across similar organizations and review of literature, and help develop recommendations on the city's Green Fleet Initiatives Strategy.