CarbonGraph “Small Business Digital Carbon Footprinting”


CarbonGraph is a software platform that businesses use the calculate and share the carbon footprint of their products. More info: We are a startup with a team of 7 based in Toronto. We're currently part of the Earth Tech accelerator program run by the Centre for Social Innovation. 

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Image credits: Mika Baumeister


Project Description

Title: Small Business Digital Carbon Footprinting in Toronto Scope: For many businesses, knowing and sharing the carbon footprint of their products is becoming a necessity as customer become more conscious and discerning when it comes to the sustainability of the things they buy. However, carbon footprinting is an expensive, expert-driven process today that is outside the budget of most small businesses. We've developed CarbonGraph as a digital platform to make product carbon footprint calculations easy and accessible for small businesses so that they can share their sustainability stories with customers. We are seeking support from MUCP to help us identify some of the tools and data sources needed to make carbon footprinting as automated as possible for Toronto businesses. 

In this project, the Client expects the team to design the following: 

The team will design a set of data sources and processes that will help Small Businesses and Toronto automatically calculate the carbon footprint of their products. For example, we need to create an easy process to get data from Toronto Hydro and use that to estimate the Scope 2 carbon footprint of a business, or to measure the natural gas usage of the business's building(s). The specific scope of work will be tailored to the interests of the MUCP team and our focus customer industries in September 2022. We currently work with fashion, vertical farming, packaging, forestry, and oat milk companies and have plans to expand.