Call for Student Members : School of Cities | Advisory Council

School of Cities is a solutions incubator for urban-focused researchers, educators, students, practitioners and the general public to explore and address the complex global challenges facing urban centres. A living laboratory, the School leverages urban data and lived experience to improve policy and decision-making, and collaborates with city leaders around the world to make local decisions that make cities and urban regions more sustainable, prosperous, inclusive and just. One of the university’s Institutional Strategic Initiatives (ISI), the School is designed to address complex global challenges by convening and initiating trans-disciplinary and multi-sector research as well as deliver education and training for students and city-builders.

The School of Cities Advisory Council is inviting current U of T students, in good academic standing, who are passionate about urban issues, locally and globally, to be members for a renewable, one-year term. Applications will be reviewed by the Governance sub-committee.

The School of Cities Advisory Council will include the following at minimum, for a total of three members:

  • One undergraduate student;
  • One graduate student;
  • One post-doctoral fellow, affiliated with the School.

Student member terms are for one (1) year, and may be reappointed for a second term, for a total term of two (2) consecutive years.

We recognize that there is no one student experience at U of T. U of T students vary widely in age, identity, geography, and background, and in their experiences both on and off-campus. Advisory Council will strive to engage a diverse and equitable membership, across identities, disciplines and campuses.

Members are responsible for participating in all Advisory Council meetings. Members can expect to spend approximately 1.5 hours per Council meeting, with a total of three (3) Council meetings per year, and eight (8) 1-hour sub-committee meetings per year.

Council members will participate on a pro bono basis without remuneration.



The Advisory Council’s overarching mandate will be to provide advice and non-binding recommendations to the Director of the School of Cities (SofC) on how to improve program efficacy, relevance, and inclusivity. The advice is to be based on consensus and reflect diverse disciplinary, geographic and stakeholder voices.



To ensure that the Advisory Council operates effectively and fulfills its role in supporting the School of Cities’ strategic priorities, it will be governed by the following set of principles:

Impartiality: the Council will formulate its advice in an impartial, objective, and fair manner;

Consensus-based: the Council will strive for and provide its consensus-based views to the Director, taking into consideration a diversity of viewpoints and rooted in careful and comprehensive consideration of the input from all Council members;

Equity-focused: the Council will reflect the School’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusivity in its composition and in its recommendations regarding programs, research foci, and partnerships.


Submission Deadline

Applications may be submitted via online form by Sunday, October 31, 2021, 11:50 pm.



For questions about this application or the SofC Advisory Council, please contact

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