HousingNowTO.com “Affordable Housing at 3933 Keele Street”


Our 100% Volunteer group works to assess the potential for Affordable-Housing redevelopment on City-owned surplus lands. Globe and Mail story here.


Project Description

Our volunteers are starting to review the HOUSING NOW site on the south-east corner of Keele and Finch above a Finch LRT & TTC subway interchange station. Currently, the CreateTO / City Planning suggestion is 190 total units / 95 affordable units. This is on a site located at the intersection of billions in underground Transit infrastructure. More information here.

Our volunteers would encourage the students to be as creative as possible on the LRT station sites that are part of the City’s HOUSING NOW program. The MUCP students would be able to develop multiple options, designs and economic proformas to explore the best ways to make use of this constrained transit-oriented development land.

Image credits: Metrolinx

In this project, the Client expects the team to design the following:

  • A review of the City of Toronto’s Housing Now & Open Doors programs and relevant
  • affordable housing funding sources
  • Affordable housing missing middle developments case studies in Toronto.
  • A site context analysis including:
    • Current site conditions including surrounding land uses.
    • Planning policy framework.
    • Planning regulations.
    • Neighbourhood demographics that will help identify potential tenants.
    • Transit.
    • Amenities and services.
    • Housing market conditions as it relates to affordability.
  • Recommend one (or more) affordable housing development concept with a planning justification that includes massing.
  • Recommend planning actions needed to accommodate the proposal(s).
  • Provide a pro forma analysis for the development concept(s)
Image credits: CreateTO