ArtworxTO: Toronto's Year of Public Art


ArtworxTO: Toronto's Year of Public Art 2021-2022 celebrates Toronto’s exceptional public art collection and the artists behind it. This initiative supports artists and new artwork that reflects Toronto's diversity and creates more opportunities for the public to engage with public art in their everyday lives. The arts sector is an essential component of a vibrant city and will play a key role in the city's economic recovery from the pandemic. All ArtworxTO programming will adhere to public health guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many elements will be available online, so check back often. Working closely with artists and Toronto’s arts institutions ArtworxTO will deliver major public art projects and commissions throughout 2021-2022. This year, discover creativity and community– everywhere.

Project Description

With a focus on redefining the future of public art across the City of Toronto, raise awareness andcreate engagement for public art for ALL Torontonian's and visitors. Find new ways to engage new and old audiences on a broad scale (with little effort) to collect feedback, understand challenges, and chart recommendations for city staff and partners alike to implement.

The Evaluation Program underway for ArtworxTO is an impact assessment.  A key part of ArtworxTO is a comprehensive Program Evaluation. The City of Toronto retained PROCESS to lead the Program Evaluation.


Mark Stoddart "ReConnectedSTC,” 2019. Scarborough Town Centre

PROCESS established a comprehensive stakeholder engagement program to identify ArtworxTO / the 10-Year Public Art Strategy’s key measures of success/impact, based on the various stakeholders' interests. To date, engagement has included 5 meetings with the Mayor's External Advisory Committee, 5 meetings with the External Working Group and 5 meetings with an Interdivisional Working Group, and dozens of one-on-one conversations with ArtworxTO stakeholders. 


In this project, the Client expects the team to design the following:

Based on the combined research and feedback from 75 key stakeholders gathered by Process and ArtworxTO, the students will help implement and shape the Evaluation Program's data collection and analysis processes, including:

  • Review the stakeholder feedback and recommendations
  • Consider economic impacts and results of COVID-19 on public art
  • Shape the Evaluation Program's data collection process
  • Draft an implementation framework for data collection processes and analysis
  • Create multi-user friendly assessment tools and systems to periodically collect and measure data to compare against KPI's for short, mid, and long-term outcomes.