U of T's School of Cities Anti-Black Racism/Black Lives Anti-Indigenous Racism/Indigenous Lives Fund

The School of Cities invites project proposals for the 2020 Anti-Black Racism & Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism & Indigenous Lives Funding Initiative. This Funding Initiative will support urban-focused anti-racism education, outreach, and engaged praxis and policy-oriented research. Projects and initiatives are open to being undertaken by faculty and student associations across the three campuses of the University of Toronto and in the wider community.

Eligible and priority project submissions will demonstrate prior engagement and substantive work on the broader scope of Anti-Black Racism & Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism & Indigenous Lives interventions. Team projects involving community groups, initiated by faculty and student associations, are highly recommended.


Anti-Black Racism & Black Lives: $50,000

Anti-Indigenous Racism & Indigenous Lives: $50,000

We will fund projects in the budget range of:

- $2,000-$5,000

- $5,000-$7,000

- $7,000-$10,000

- $10,000-$15,000

Proposal category

Proposals may be submitted under either category below or as a joint submission under both categories

  • Anti-Black Racism/ Black Lives
  • Anti-Indigenous Racism/ Indigenous Lives

Applying to both:

  • Anti-Black Racism/ Black Lives &
  • Anti-Indigenous Racism/ Indigenous Lives

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Maximum of $15,000
  • Department, program, student group, faculty or other formal University of Toronto organization must be a co-sponsor (can be non-budgetary) for funding disbursement purposes
  • Eligible project teams and applicants will demonstrate prior experiences and record of working on Anti-Black Racism/ Black Lives or Anti-Indigenous Racism/ Indigenous Lives interventions
  • Projects at the intersections of Anti-Black Racism/ Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism/ Indigenous Lives, aligned with the Funding Initiative, call to and urgent interventions are equally eligible
  • Projects and initiatives must be urban focused
  • Funds can be accessed once per academic year by each applicant
  • Funds must be spent within one year of grant award
  • Student groups, clubs, and faculty are eligible to apply

Application Process

Complete an application form document and then submit that document via a two-step online submission form.

Applications to the Anti-Black Racism/Black Lives and Anti-Indigenous Racism/Indigenous Lives Funding Initiative are currently closed. 

Requirements and Expectations

  • Acknowledgement of School of Cities support is requested on any printed materials and at events
  • Original receipts required for reimbursement as per the University of Toronto policies
  • Provide a report, narrative or summary of outcomes, good practices and impact of your intervention


Questions? Contact us at schoolofcities@utoronto.ca 

Note on Budget: We acknowledge the care work and emotional labour and investment involved in the areas of intervention. We also recognize that community contributions and time should not be a given and discounted.